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Cystic Fibrosis

We diagnose and care for infants, children, adolescents and their families who are affected by cystic fibrosis.


  • To assess and care for children from birth through 18 years old with a possible or confirmed diagnosis of CF, in cooperation with caregivers, family physicians and paediatricians. 

  • To promote optimal health and quality of life for children with CF by empowering families of younger children to care for their child independently through education and skill development and fostering a gradual independence of youth through developmentally-based transition care to ensure a seamless transfer to the adult healthcare system. 

  • To be a centre of excellence and leadership in CF care, by meeting and exceeding CF Canada's standards of care.

  • To foster research of potential benefit to patients with CF and to their families.

  • To teach medical students, interns, residents and allied health students about the care of children with CF.



Routine Clinic Visits are monthly until one year of age; every 2 months from age 1-2 years; and every 2-3 months thereafter, until transfer ("graduation") to an adult CF clinic.

At each routine clinic visit:

  1. Examination by a CF physician
  2. Consultation with the CF dietitian
  3. Consultation with CF physiotherapist (Please bring equipment such as PEP mask and nebulizers to each clinic visit so that equipment and your technique can be checked).
  4. Consultation with CF nurse clinician

Annually and as needed/requested:

  1. Consultation with the social worker
  2. Consultation with the pharmacist

As Needed/Requested:

  1. Consultation with CF psychiatrist
  2. Consultation with other sub-specialty services, eg ENT; GI; Youth Health; Endocrine, etc
A summary of clinic results is sent to the parents roughly one week after the clinic visit, and a detailed report to the physician follows later.


Usually, the family doctor or paediatrician cares for the child with regard to non-CF problems and between clinic visits. If it is felt that the child should be seen at the CF Clinic prior to the next scheduled visit, the clinic should be contacted by the physician or the parent.
On occasion, an individual will be scheduled for an abbreviated clinic visit commonly referred to as "3P" ("physician"; "physiotherapist" and "pulmonary function testing"), or "2P" if the child is not old enough for pulmonary function testing.  These visits are in addition to routine visits, not in place of.

The clinic would like to receive information from the family physician with regard to the patient's care and progress between clinic visits.  Please notify us if chest x-rays are taken between clinic visits, and pulmonary function test results should be faxed to the CF clinic for scanning into patient's  chart.

If sputum samples or cough swabs are taken between clinic visits please ensure they are sent to BC Children's Hospital for 'typing of CF organisms' and notify the CF Nursing office to watch for results.  If needed, please contact the clinic secretary or nurse to arrange for a requisition to be sent to your local lab or physician's office.
Newborn screening is the process of testing newborns for specific medical disorders. Shortly after a baby is born, a doctor or nurse takes a small blood sample from the heel of the baby’s foot. The sample is sent to a laboratory where it is tested for a number of disorders, including cystic fibrosis (CF). Infants who “screen positive” for cystic fibrosis need further testing to confirm a diagnosis.  Newborn screening is a vital tool to help slow the progression of cystic fibrosis by early detection of the disease. Since 2009 all babies in British Columbia are screened for CF.

Early diagnosis for cystic fibrosis through newborn screening allows for immediate intervention and treatment. Early interventions have been shown to result in improved height, weight, and cognitive function, help maintain healthy respiratory function, and may reduce hospitalizations and increase life expectancy. Ultimately, newborn screening can lead to longer, healthier lives for people with CF.

The BCCH CF newborn screening team provides support and follow up for babies needing further testing to determine if they have Cystic Fibrosis. They also provide teaching for families if a diagnosis of CF is confirmed.  Following diagnosis, babies attend Tuesday morning clinics for regular multidisciplinary follow up.

For further information about BC’s CF newborn screening program please contact the CF newborn screening team at 604-875-2623.


In order to relieve some of the travel burden on families, the Cystic Fibrosis clinic team holds Outreach Clinics at least twice yearly in Prince George.  A CF physician, physiotherapist, dietician and nurse travel to these locations for the day, and run a clinic using local facilities.  In response to our patient demographics we now offer outreach clinics in Kelowna, and will phase out the program in Kamloops.


The clinic has a comprehensive CF transition program starting in the pre-teen years, at age 10, and culminating in transfer to an adult CF clinic around age 18.  The program's goal is to help prepare your child to gradually become self-sufficient and able to integrate into an adult healthcare system in the 18th year.  It is based on an adolescent transition framework, and consists of a transition clinical pathway (a checklist, kept in the patient chart); a "transition readiness questionnaire" (administered at age 17 and 18 years); and a "Graduation Clinic" (the final pediatric clinic appointment attended by both the pediatric and adult CF clinic staff).  A comprehensive transfer summary is sent to your child's adult CF clinic.  CF education and skill development is addressed at routine clinic visits (with further "practice" at home).

Who We Are


Dr. Mark Chilvers, MBCh, BSc, MD, MRCPCH
Clinic Director, Pediatric Respirologist

Dr. Connie Yang, MSc, MD
Pediatric Respirologist

Dr. Kelly Luu, MD, FRCPC
Pediatrician & Clinical Associate


Anna Gravelle, RN, MSN
Nurse Clinician

Shelagh Jenkins, RN
Clinic Nurse

Vanessa McMahon, RN, BSN
Nurse Clinician - Newborn Screening

Amy Schellenberg, RN, BSN
Clinic Nurse - Newborn Screening

Caroline Burgess - RN, MSN
Clinic Nurse


Dr. Maggie McIlwaine, PHD, PT
Clinic Physiotherapist

Nicole Lee-Son, Bsc, PT
Clinic Physiotherapist

Melissa Richmond, PT

Julie Fairbairn, PT

Clinic Team

Christine Loong, RD
Clinic Dietician

Eva Cho, Bsc (Pharm), ACPR
Clinical Pharmacist

Tami Kolb, MSW, RSW
Social Worker, Cystic Fibrosis & Biochemical Diseases Clinics

Dr. Patrice Dunn
Clinic Psychiatrist

Anita Lillquist, Msc, Bsc
Research Coordinator

Jon De Guzman
Clerk / Administration



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